Why we research?

our process and philosophy

Creating new knowledge is the first step toward preparing our cities and communities for change.
Our research program provides a space to test and develop early stage or high risk technologies, methodologies, materials and ideas in real-world scenarios.
We develop projects with our clients and partners across the world, to tackle the problems and opportunities we see in the built environment over the next decade.

Meet the team

Our research is a collaborative effort. We create cross-disciplinary, cross-regional teams from the 14,000 people who work at Arup globally, and pair them with our partner organisations. Over 300 Arupians worked directly on research projects in the Australasia region alone last year. The team is part of Global Arup Foresight, Research and Innovation, which forms one pillar of Arup University, our internal knowledge, skills and learning development program.

Among the contributors of the latest Research Review: Eleanor Whitworth, Keith Little, Jeff McAllister, Matilda Bowra, Noel Smyth,

Alessandro Liuti

Alessandro manages our research program. He has a background in architectural engineering, computational design, and digital fabrication.

Bree Trevena

Bree directs our research program. She has a background in creative industries, strategy, planning and public cultures.

Have a problem or a project?

We work with industry partners, governments, universities, startups and community organisations. We do this through research partnerships, and as consultants and facilitators for foresight, research, storytelling and technical writing workshops.