The world is changing faster than ever.

The staggering emergence of new technologies, rapid social, economic and political shifts, and an increasing urgency to adopt more sustainable methods of living are reshaping our world faster than ever before.

How do we prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities the future will bring?

Rather than try to predict the unpredictable, we invest in a broad base of research across the four systems we believe will change the most over the coming decade: Cities, Transport, Energy, and Water.





Urbanisation is reshaping the way we inhabit the planet. In Australia, 89% of us live in urban centres. In Singapore and other parts of Asia, this figure is even higher. We need to rethink the ways we live together in this rapidly changing space. Projects in this category seek to build cities that harness human knowledge and technology to shape cities that are smart, resilient and more liveable for all. The ten cities projects featured in this issue reflect the diversity and breadth of this topic. They explore everything from a developing arts precinct, to the modern urban ecosystem, to how high resolution 3D scanning can lead to a major step-change in the construction industry.




In a globalised world, we’re constantly trading time for space. We commute, we ship, we teleconference across time zones. Projects in this category seek to improve the value of this trade-off.




Energy allows us to live comfortable and productive lives. But energy is also at the crux of our troubled relationship with the planet. We hope to rebalance the nature of this relationship.




If energy is the beating heart of our society, water is its lifeblood. It’s vital to our existence and underpins all industry.
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